Description of Our Services

On a routine basis, Engineering Division works on tasks and provides support to businesses and citizens as listed below:

  • Project design, bidding and construction management of infrastructure improvement projects such as streets, drainage / storm sewer systems, sidewalks, waterlines and wastewater lines, etc. that are identified and budgeted under Capital Improvement Projects and other budget line items.
  • Manages projects and provide supports for improving and proper operation of water distribution system, wastewater collection system and solid waste transfer station.
  • Review of private development plans for ensuring compliance with the City Development Code requirements and engineering specifications.
  • Floodplain administration within the City limits, in compliance with the requirements of FEMA’s National Floodplain Insurance Program.
  • Responds to inquiries and requests from businesses and citizens on issues such as drainage and traffic.

Useful Links

  • Huntsville GIS Viewer - Several features can be viewed in this link such as water utilities, sewer utilities, streets, addressing, topography, floodplain data, survey mapping control points among several other City features. The viewer is an helpful tool for general understanding and planning purposes only and shall not be construed as legal and necessarily accurate.